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"D" License Re-Test

This course is offered to coaches who have their State "D" License or "D" Certificate and are looking to upgrade to the National "D" License.

A candidate must submit five (5) specific lesson plans that were used during the six-month waiting period.  These lesson plans must be submitted two weeks prior to the start of the course.

All candidates must register for a part 1 or part 2 "D" course. 

Coaches must have their State "D" license or "D" certificate in order to re-test for the National D License.  They can be taken at either Part 1 or Part 2. 

  • If taken at part 1 you will not get a practice.  You will have your final testing on Sunday. (must attend Saturday/Sunday Only)
  • If you take during part 2 you will have the opportunity to get practice topic in before the final on Sunday. (Must attend Saturday/Sunday Only)

Candidates are encouraged to attend the full weekend to get the most out of the Re-Test.


  • Must have a state "D" license or "D" certificate
  • All candidates must wait six months before taking the course from the previous D course.

Course Length: 15-18 hours of instruction + 5 hours of pre-course work (5 lesson plans with practice with your team)

  • 1 weekend


  • Practical field sessions

Pre-Course Assignments:

  • Pre Course Assignments - Click here to download all Pre Course documents (These documents are just helpful templates as the original version need to be submitted on the DCC)
  • Complete a lesson plan on three (3) of the seven (7) provided also do the self-reflection on each one.  (This is completed on the DCC and you need to be registered for the course to have access to this part).  (Must be submitted two weeks prior to the course start date.)  You need to review the "Soccer Session Planner" to help with filling out the lesson plan.


  • Free

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