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ODP District Trials

2016-2017 Season

ODP District Trials

  • Event for New Players only
  • District Trials will occur in each District on four different dates/locations. (See map for Districts)
  • Price- Free registration 8 days prior to event. $30 late fee or walk-ups 7 days prior to event
  • Following each District Trial, selected players will be sent invitations to attend the State Trials in November.
  • If player is NOT invited to attend the State Trials, they may still attend future District Trials. This allows players multiple opportunities to prove themselves. (We understand players have off days, injuries, illness, etc. that can effect performance.)
  • Download the TeamApp for communication regarding the District Trials.

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Register By Date
September 11th (Sunday)- 2pm-4pm - Results
October 2nd (Sunday)- 2pm-4pm - Results
October 16th (Sunday)- 2pm-4pm Results

*All District Trials will be held on same date/times but in different locations*

Tennessee State Soccer Association | 2630 Elm Hill Pike, Suite 100| Nashville, TN 37214