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Who is eligible for ODP?

The following age groups are eligible 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. ODP is birth year, as the program feeds into the National Teams, and must follow FIFA policies, which follows the calendar year. A particular age group would go from January 1st - December 31st.

What if my son/daughter is a 2002 birth year?

On occasion, we will bring 2002s up to the 2001 group. We ask for a letter of recommendation from the club coach and club DOC. Upon approval from the State Director of Coaching, a letter of invitation will be sent.

Do you offer any programs for the 2002 age group?

We offer an Academy Camp, that is in June (2014), towards the end of the ODP calendar. It gives players and parents a 'sneak peek' about the process and how to prepare for the program (in 2013-14). This will allow a comfort level and give parents/players a better understanding of the program as they move forward into the next year. This is for 2002s only, no exceptions.

How are players selected?

1997 age groups will continue with the invitation/recommendation system. All players invited in the oldest age group will begin at the State Pool, as there will be no state trial. The state pool will continue to train, until a state team is named.

1998, 199 and 2000 age groups, will have an open tryout (State Trial), whereby selected players will enter the state pool. Players on the state team the year before will be allowed to bypass the state trial and enter the state pool.  However past years state team are encouraged to attend the state trials.  The state pool will continue to train, until a state team is named.


The 2001 age group will have an open STATE TRIAL for any player. The players selected from the State Trial try-out will enter the STATE POOL. Players will then go to the STATE POOL/Training if selected from the State Trail. A STATE TEAM is selected from the State Pool. The STATE TEAM will continue to train/compete and represent Tennessee at the Region III Camp in July.

The State Director of Coaching reserves the right to add or release players at any time.

What will happen at the State Trials? (1998, 1999, 2000s)

Players will receive two different color TN ODP numbered t-shirt. Players will go through a technical warm-up, a series of small group tactical training, and play small-sided games. They will be evaluated by ODP staff. We will post who advances to the State Pool, the following Wednesday, at 5:00 pm CST.

What will happen at the State Pool Phase? (1997-2001s)

Players will receive two different color TN ODP numbered t-shirt (players who entered the State Trial phase would have already received the shirts). The State Pool phase consists of 1 training session and a player selected sub-regional event. The training will consist of a technical warm-up, small group tactical training, and 8v8-11v11 games. The Sub-Regional event consists of match play versus other states in the Region. They will be evaluated by ODP staff. At the end of the State Pool Phase we will select our State Team(s), which will be announced, the following Wednesday of the last state pool training session, at 5:00pm CST.

What will happen at the State Trials? (2001s)

Players will receive two different colors TN ODP numbered t-shirt. Players will go through a technical warm-up, a series of small-sided games on Saturday. They will have some field sessions followed by full field games on Sunday. They will be evaluated by ODP staff. We will post who advances to the State Pool, the following Wednesday, at 5:00 pm CST.

Is attendance mandatory?

Attendance is mandatory if you begin at the State Trials. Players must attend that try-out to be eligible for selection to the state pool. At the State Pool phase, there are multiple sessions where we evaluate players before announcing the state team. We strongly encourage each player to attend all training opportunities for maximum exposure.

What are typical State Pool numbers?

State pool numbers vary with age group. Typically, the first three age groups (97, 98, 99) will have around 40 players in a 'pool'. The (00 and 01) age group will carry around 50-60 players in a pool.

After State Pool training, how many players are named to the State Team?

For the 1997 and 1999 age group, typically, one team of 18 is named plus alternates.
For the 2000 age group, typically, two teams of 18 are named, plus alternates.
For the 2001 age group, two/three teams will be named.

Can a player be added to the State Pool after state trials or during the pool stage itself?

An elite player may be added, in the following cases. 1. A player moving into Tennessee after the trials. 2. A injury preventing him/her in participating during the trial phase. 3. A player identified by State, Regional, National Staff. The State Director of Coaching along with State Staff in that particular age group will have final approval.

The State Director of Coaching reserves the right to add or release players at any time.

How does the Registration Process work?

Enrollment is done online. (under the 'event registration' link) You can also monitor your account on the ODP login page (you will receive a password). The one-time enrollment fee is $55.00 which includes the opportunity to participate, and two TN ODP training shirt. Please note: If you were in the program last year, you will still need to register (enroll) your son/daughter for the new year.

What happens after I enroll my son/daughter for ODP?

After enrolling your son/daughter, it is important that you register for each session that your son/daughter is eligible for. You may use your ODP account to register and pay for each event.

What are the registration/payment deadlines?

To enroll your son/daughter in ODP, the deadline is three weeks prior to the first session in that age group.
Payment deadlines for training sessions/events are typically three weeks prior.

How is the program paid for?

ODP is self-supporting. All expenses (event/training/camp fees, travel), are paid by the players involved. Costs are determined by facilities, hotels, coach fees, entry fees, and other projected items necessary for the upkeep of the program.

Is ODP going to interfere with my club schedule?

The dynamics have changed over the years and the reality is ODP has become identification rather than development. Player development has shifted to the clubs, with ODP acting as a supplement, giving elite players opportunities to play against the best and to provide them exposure at the regional, national, and international levels. ODP events are scheduled around club commitments; therefore, players are expected to be at the ODP sessions.

What is my role as a parent?

Tennessee ODP appreciates the time you take out to provide these experiences for your son/daughter. The information supplied on our website was designed to educate and make the process easier. Please pay close attention to the deadlines for the various sessions and events. Always check emails and the website prior to training!

For more information on the process and evaluation, click here.

For a picture of the ODP Pyramid, click here.

What are the benefits of ODP?

The opportunity to train and play with the best players in one's age group; Quality instruction from elite-level/nationally licensed coaches, both at the college and club level; High-Level competition, from not only within the United States, but abroad; Exposure to Collegiate, Professional, Regional, and National Team Coaches; Pride in representing one's State, Region, and Country!

Need More Information?

For technical questions regarding ODP, please contact Lee Smith, ODP Director.

For billing/registration/administrative questions, contact Devin Woodard, ODP/Coaching Administrator, 615-590-2200.

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