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Tennessee Soccer and Sports Path Offer Parent Education Courses!

Tennessee Soccer and Sports Path come together to offer soccer parents an educational experience to help them contribute in the development of their child. Each course navigates the parent through different scenarios and offers information on how to best solve the problem and support the child.

The online learning is a great solution for parents, as they can finish the course quickly or complete the course in phases.  The supplemental materials included in the courses are a bonus!  


    1. A fresh approach to soccer parenting-FREE!
    2. Preparing your child to enjoy playing soccer.
    3. Helping your child compete enjoyably
    4. Assisting the gifted player

Course 1 is free. Courses 2,3,4 are offerered at $9.99 each. 

To begin, just click here!  
Tennessee State Soccer Association | 2630 Elm Hill Pike, Suite 100| Nashville, TN 37214