Creative Coaching ACADEMY

About The Creative Coaching Academy

The TN Soccer Association has recently partnered with the Creative Coaching Academy (CCA), to provide an outstanding education courses to soccer coaches at all levels culminating in the award of a Creative Soccer Coaching Diploma. This coaching award has been very carefully designed and structured to show the importance of creating a learning environment that enables players to realize their potential and maximize performance.

The aim of the workshop is to provide coaches with an understanding of creative “Street Soccer” Coaching, to develop imaginative players by supplementing and complimenting your current method of coaching. The stimulating 3-hour long course shows how Street Soccer forms the foundation of many other small sided forms of the game such as Futsal, 5-a-side, 7 v 7 games and ultimately and most importantly the 11 a side game. We will explain the philosophy that underpins Street Soccer Coaching and how we coach the person first, and the player second. Coaches will learn how Street Soccer develops physical intelligence, movement ability, perception, awareness and decision-making abilities in players. We will explain the components of Street Soccer coaching, how sessions are designed and structured to maximize learning and creativity. 


What are people saying

I felt that Darren & his curriculum was dynamic and extremely relevant to coaching today’s game.I felt that every coach in attendance took something away that will make their practices more engaging & effective.I applied some of what Darren discussed to a U13 practice last night.Every player left smiling. I left smiling because the team worked on several techniques and wanted more.
— Ben Sanford, Lexington Soccer League
The curriculum that he is teaching is one that forces coaches to think outside the “box”. Thank you to all of you up in Tennessee soccer for putting these on for programs as ours, we are very blessed to have had the opportunity to host one of these amazing classes.
— Matt Hayes, MCSA