About District training Centers

District Training Centers (DTC) are the newest addition to the TSSA Player Development Program.  These events are open to younger players than traditional ODP (U12 are welcome), are offered more often (30+ times per year), are hosted throughout the state (4 locations throughout the state), and are less expensive than traditional ODP sessions (DTCs are $20 per event).

A major focus of the DTC is our U12 age group (currently 2006 birth year).  The program for these U12 players is a partnership between TSSA and Nashville SC, the professional soccer team in our state.  A curriculum has been developed to help these players develop additional technical and tactical skills to aid in their transition from 9v9 to 11v11 soccer.  These sessions are open to any player currently registered with TSSA,  if they are of the appropriate age.  The primary focus of these sessions is creating a developmental environment that is appropriate for all players in attendance.  

Identification is not the primary focus of this program, as that role is filled by our traditional ODP Program.  The two programs complement each other, but are separate.  While it is not the focus, there are opportunities for players to be invited to additional Player Development Events based on their performance at the DTCs.  For U13 to U17 players, that would most often involve invitation to traditional ODP events.  For the U12 players, there is the opportunity to be invited to Nashville SC sponsored events.  These events are held 4 times per year in Nashville, and there is no charge to attend for those players invited.

At each of our local DTCs there are 2 sessions.  The first session is for U12 players (usually 5:30pm to 7:00pm) and the second session is for specific age groups between U13 and U17 (usually 7:15pm to 8:45pm).  These sessions have limited capacities determined by the facilities and staff we have available.  We have often reached 100% capacity days before an event.  Players are encouraged to sign up early!

Register here for the PDP District Training Centers (Spring 2018)

In order to register for the PDP District Training Centers, please use the link below that correlates to your player’s age group.  Please Note: Players must be pre-registered for these events.  Registration details can be found in the links below.

Registration link for U12 Players: http://tn.affinitysoccer.com/eventmanager/public/event.asp?calid=9504674

Registration link for U13-U17 Players: http://tn.affinitysoccer.com/eventmanager/public/event.asp?calid=9507487