What are the PDP DTCs (District Training Centers)?

            The District Training Centers are a new component of the Player Development Program of Tennessee State Soccer.  The sessions are designed to give players the opportunity to practice skills with players outside of their local club while receiving instruction from high-level coaches.  


How often/where are the sessions held?

            Sessions are held on a bi-weekly basis in the 4 districts (Middle, Southeast, Western, and Northeast) of the state.  They are not always in the same cities/same locations, although sessions are usually located in/near the larger cities of Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, and Chattanooga.


Who can come to the sessions?

            Each PDP event date has 2 sessions.  The first session is reserved for the U12 players only (birth year 2006).  The second session is for U13-U17 players (please see individual session information for those birth years included in each date).  Any player registered through TSSA for the 2017/2018 season may register for these sessions.


How do I register for PDP District Training Centers?

            Registration links are found on the TN State website ( under the ODP tab.  Click the link next to the age group you wish to register for.  Sessions require payment via credit card or e-check through the Affinity site.  Sessions are $20 each.


What’s the difference between PDP and ODP?

             PDP stands for Player Development Program.  This is the large umbrella that covers both the District Training Centers (DTCs) and traditional ODP.  ODP stands for Olympic Development Program.  This is the traditional development program that includes the State Trials, State Pools, and State Teams for each birth year.  Select ODP players also participate in the Region III Camps each July in Alabama.


How does my player get into ODP?

            Players that are interested in ODP should register and attend the Tryouts/Trials for the applicable birth year at the beginning of the ODP season (October/November).  Players are evaluated during these events for possible selection as a State Pool Player.  State Pool Players then attend (by invitation) State Training sessions in order to be evaluated for possible State Team placement.  Those chosen for State Teams attend sub-regional events as well as Region III camp.