TSSA Launches New Website

In an effort to present online information to our membership with ease, flow and clarity, The Tennessee State Soccer Association has launched a new website and platform.  “Over the last few years we have continued to grow, and with that growth we have seen a significant increase in our website traffic,” said TSSA Executive Director Hans Hobson. “The feedback we received helped us to create a website we are confident will allow people easier access to the areas that are important to players, parents, coaches, referees, and administrators.”

The website will be hosted by squarespace and includes up-to-date video content, easier access to forms, sponsor links, updated player development section, and a myriad of user-friendly features we were unable to offer through our previous platform.  We are excited to provide you with a premier place where you can find all the current information you need for soccer in Tennessee.

Cortnie Hewlett