Tryout Dates for 2018-2019 Competitive Season

Tryout Dates for 2018-19

May 21, 2018: The first date that a player may tryout for a 12U (2007) or younger

June 4, 2018:  The first date that a player may tryout for a 13U (2006) or older

Commitment Date ON or After June 18th, 2018

*Please note that the birth year reflects ages for 2018-19.


Last year we made changes to Policy 26.  Within those policy changes we included a section that stated we will announce the eligible competitive tryout dates for our membership.  With the Spring Season approaching, we wanted to get this information out to you early so that you might be able to begin making and announcing your competitive tryout plans.  We took into consideration our current Spring U12 TSL who will have an end of year event on June 2-3.  This event will push tryouts back for the 2006 age group.  Previously, we had thought that they could go early with the younger ages, but due to this event, we will have to push them back until June 4th. 

Also, I would remind everyone to review the updated Policy 26 regarding what is and is not allowed regarding the ability to advertise tryouts.  We believe that the changes make advertising more flexible for everyone.  We ask that you please review the policy prior to calling us about a tryout violation. 


YouthCortnie Hewlett