About The Olympic Development Program

The Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) is proud to provide a comprehensive Olympic Development Program (ODP).  In ODP, it is our goal to select and train the most talented, promising, and committed players in our state to represent Tennessee in ODP events.  In ODP, we select a pool of players from each age group and gender (currently 2001 through 2006) and work with those players throughout the year.  This state pool will continually have players coming into and out of it as new players are identified and others are unavailable due to individual club commitments.

Tryouts (Trials) are the simplest and most direct path to ODP state pools.  Each year we offer tryout opportunities for players who did not participate in or were not selected for ODP state pools during the previous year.  For the 2017-2018 seasonal year, TN Soccer is developing a scouting network to evaluate players more often and in various environments.  Players identified through this scouting network may be invited to state pool events.  Returning state pool players from the previous seasonal year automatically return to the state pool the following year.  Continued participation is based on the players performance and attitude.

After training with our state pools, the TN ODP Staff will offer spots on the state teams to players in the state pool.  The state team will represent Tennessee at our culminating event, the Region III ODP Camp.  These camps (held separately for boys and girls) occur each July, and currently are hosted in Alabama (Montevallo University for girls, and the University of Alabama for boys).  



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