Pioneering the future of player development.


The Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) is committed to providing Premier Player Development opportunities to our players.  We now offer a more robust Player Development Program (PDP), which is currently comprised of Traditional ODP and District Training Centers (DTC).  Traditional ODP and DTCs are two programs within our PDP that complement each other.  Players may participate in either one or both.  There are no mandatory events in either program.

For the 2017-2018 seasonal year, these programs include offerings for players from U12 (2006 birth year) to U17 (2001 birth year).  Players have opportunities to develop through local events (DTCs) offered regularly in multiple cities across the state, and additional opportunities to develop through our centralized ODP (most events in Middle Tennessee).  TSSA recognizes that Player Development occurs primarily at the individual club or team level, and our PDP Programs are designed to complement those endeavors, not conflict with them.  In the future, we plan to offer programs to younger and older players as well.  


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