Tennessee Academy

Hi there!

I’m Leland Grant, the newly appointed director of the Tennessee Soccer Referee Academy. I was lucky enough to be a part of founding this group in 2011. Throughout the past eight seasons, I’ve seen the academy grow from our first class, with a roster of referees like current FIFA AR Brooke Mayo, to now, where we have made enormous strides and many in our group are regularly working professional matches.

Whether this is your first season or if you’re a seasoned referee, you have come to the right place to advance your career on and off the field!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, or any of our experienced staff, to let us know how we can help you get involved.

Currently, I’m a grade 3 referee living in Nashville.


Leland Grant



2019-2020 Academy

Jenner Adcock Mario Martinez Jack Starr

Sarah McKee Sydney Halliday Kevin Arsenault

Kaitlynn Josephs Rebecca Luther Jessica Beaty

Dominic Kennedy Jody Lautigar Matthew Coronado

Ben Meyer Colby Reed Callie Gray Deanda

Josias Roach Adam Rogers Dalton DeLara

Jordan Shirley Clay Sewell Ron Ware

Adam Desai Riley Duke Jonathan Fogo

Chris Galaviz