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 If you have any referee questions at this time please direct them to Andy Moss our State Referee Administrator

Letter from the State Referee Administrator

13th March 2019

Last week, I was asked if I would consider taking the recently vacated position of State Referee Administrator. I agreed and on Friday I was elected by the Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) Board of Directors (BOD).

I am a former National Referee, now a National Referee Coach. I live in Nashville, TN. I was first certified as a grade 8 in Franklin, TN in January 2005 and I have only ever been registered in Tennessee. I was born in England and became a naturalized United States citizen in May 2013.

My focus since I started as a grade 8 referee through my years as a National Referee, State Assessor and State Instructor, and now as a Coach, has always been to provide the best environment possible for my customers, whether they be the players as a referee, students as an instructor, or match officials as a coach. I remain committed to the betterment of match officials and refereeing in Tennessee, the South Region, and in all of these United States.

The final composition of your State Referee Committee (SRC) is being finalized, however I can confirm that the structure will be in accordance with U.S. Soccer Policy 531-1, and that James Sherer has been nominated and approved by the TSSA BOD for the position of State Youth Referee Administrator. Eddy Polk will continue as the State Director of Referee Assigning. Don Eubank will act as the State Referee Committee Chairperson. Representatives from the TSSA adult and youth programs will become members of the SRC.

This past weekend, Don and I attended the U.S. Soccer Referee Program Workshop in Chicago, IL, where we were provided exciting information about the new integrated Registration and Learning Management System, Referee Profiles and Pathway, and Technical & Operational updates including Laws of the Game changes.

I will work with the State Referee Committee, the TSSA BOD, and the TN Soccer Referee Program Academy to continue to develop and advance the match officials and referee program in Tennessee at all levels.

A new website is under construction as part of the state association site.

The SOTN match reporting system has been disabled. Until we can get a new online system completed, we are sending all assignors instructions on temporary procedures.

In the coming months, U.S. Soccer is rolling out its new registration and learning management system in addition to a revised referee classification system. We are working with U.S. Soccer staff and Game Officials on stop-gap measures before this new site goes live in July.

There are almost certainly questions around assessments, assignments, re certification, tournaments, upgrades, etc. Much more information will be forthcoming in the days and weeks ahead including an improved and increased social media presence.

Change is rarely easy. My ask of each you is that you continue to officiate matches in the exceptional manner that you do now, assign matches with the best interests of the game and match official development in mind, instruct current and future officials, imparting them with the knowledge and drive to be as effective as possible, and coach reinforcing positive behaviors whilst offering actionable corrections as needed.

Thank you for all you do for soccer in Tennessee and beyond.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Yours in soccer,

Andy Moss

State Referee Administrator

Tennessee State Soccer Association